Alien Oyster Farming 18x24

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18w" x 24h"

The oysters of the Chesapeake Bay are in grave trouble and like a scary Sci-fi movie, it would be horrible if they all simply vanished over night. The survival of their species is vital to all life in and around the bay. Without oysters, the food-chain will be stressed and our bay will never be the same. Our Maryland lifestyle will collapse, and our local economy will be destroyed! Worst of all, there will be no more oyster shooters for anyone! Insert "SCREAM" here! So, why are their numbers so low? I don't really believe that aliens had anything to do with their disappearance, but I can tell you that the oyster population has drastically decreased soon after man started harvesting them for his own consumption. Throw in some pollution and disease and you really start to get the big scary picture! BUT, there is hope, and there are things we can all do as individuals to help out.

To find out more about what you can do, please visit

This print has a 1/2 inch white border around the outer edge. Each print is hand signed by the artist and dated.

All 18" x 24" posters are carefully hand rolled in craft paper and shipped in a protective tube.

Alien Oyster Farming 18x24
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