Colossal Crab, 16x20

Pigment Print, 2008
16" x 20"
Limited Edition(LE) of only 250 prints

During the warmer months, catching and eating crabs is a long time tradition on the Chesapeake Bay. Whether you're crabbing for recreation or commercially, the Maryland Blue Crab is a favorite delicacy and major contributor to our local economy. It would be very devastating for everyone if anything ever happened to our little hard shelled friends! Unfortunately, the U.S. Department of Commerce has declared a commercial fishery failure for the Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab. Despite efforts to replenish their declining numbers in recent years, the Blue Crabs survival chances continue to fall. After reading about this crisis over and over in the news, I was inspired to create a piece that would dramatize the negative impact created by the commercial crabbing industry. In doing so, I also think this piece celebrates our love of the Maryland Blue Crab and hope that it generates some positive support for a colossal rebound.

In this piece, the introduction of a gigantic crab pot provided the ultimate backdrop for my super factory and the addition of the large plumes of steam only adds to the drama of cooking and processing the large creatures. If there ever was such a thing as giant crabs, I'm sure they would already be gone, meeting a similar fate to that of the legendary King Kong. Since our demand to eat crabs is still prevanent, the commercial crabbers, processors and restaurant owners who depend on the Blue Crab for revenue will continue to supply them. I only hope that the Maryland Blue Crab can overcome this situation of survival. Maybe they will have a chance with a little help from all of us.

I hope that you enjoy this print as a first of many images I intend to create in a Colossal Crab series.

Printed on Epson, Somerset Velvet, 100% cotton rag, acid free, archival paper, 255 g/m with Epson Pigmented Inks. This print has a 1 inch white border around the outer edge. Each print is hand signed by the artist, dated and numbered where applicable.

Colossal Crab, 16x20
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