Crab Invaders

As many of you can probably tell, my newest creation called “Crab Invaders” was inspired by a very popular arcade game from late 70’s. In my version however, my artwork pits the skill of the crabber against the survival instinct of the Blue Crab population. It’s up to the Blue Crab and their offspring to evade capture while the crabber tries to defend their harvest and crabbing vessels.

Fun fact: The Blue Crab characters I created for this piece are for real and stem from the crabs different stages of growth. The only one not shown is the egg, which comes from the mature "sponge" part of the female crab. Numbers vary, but females can typically lay up to 1 or 2 million eggs per brood.


Dimensions are 12 x 18 inches

Will fit in a standard size 12x18 inch frame
or add a 3 inch mat and place in an 18 x 24 inch frame

Printed on a glossy heavy card stock

Sealed in a protective clear envelope

Additionally protected with a sheet of backing board

Each poster is individually hand signed by the artist

Makes for an excellent gift

Crab Invaders
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