Crabs Come Home!

Come Home... Crabs Please Come Home!

Professional and recreational crabbers will tell you that the Maryland Blue Crabs
are very scarce in the Chesapeake Bay this 2014 season. They're gone, they've left us, only to go who knows where? It's a sad and scary reality that I hope will change for the better next year! Until then, break out your wallets, because the crab feast is gonna cost you, and chances are they won't be a local delicacy.

Poster will fit in a standard size 12x18 inch frame or add a 3 inch mat and
place in an 18 x 24 inch frame


Printed on a glossy heavy card stock


Sealed in a protective clear envelope. 

Additionally protected with a sheet of backing board.

Each poster is individually hand signed by the artist


Makes an excellent gift!

Crabs Come Home!
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