Pelican Fancy, 14x20

Pigment Print
14" x 20"
Limited Edition(LE) of 500 prints
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This piece was inspired by another favorite bird of mine, the Pelican. While traveling to the Outer Banks of North Carolina or just about anywhere in Florida, I have had the opportunity to observe these smooth gliding and superior fisherman many times in person. Their long necks and stretchy beaks with flappy pouch are unique to the Pelicans features, yet they can gracefully glide only inches above the water without barley flapping their wings only to shoot up and then dive straight down to catch a fish. I really enjoy watching them as they fly in small formations like a squadron of planes, or catch them basking under the sun on the beach or in a marina. The Pelican is a cool bird, maybe a tad shy, but always fancy.

Printed on Epson, Somerset Velvet, 100% cotton rag, acid free, archival paper, 255 g/m with Epson Pigmented Inks. This print has a 1 inch white border around the outer edge. Each print is hand signed by the artist, dated and numbered where applicable.

Pelican Fancy, 14x20
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