Protect Then Serve

Crabs are in a bad way and their numbers are way down. Most people don't want to admit theres a problem, but the evidence is very apparent this year in 2014. Prices are way up and chances are that the crabs you eat are not from around here. The Maryland Blue Crab is a huge part of our local economy and a big part of our way of life. Its difficult to imagine a life without them. Their fate lies with all of us, and we'll need to make some big changes in order to bring their numbers back. We can start with less pollution, restore more habitat and most importantly, we need more strict fishing/crabbing rules! My "Protect Then Serve" poster carries a simple message and serves as a helpful reminder to restore our local resources to health numbers and then enjoy them.

Dimensions are 12 x 18 inches

Will fit in a standard size 12x18 inch frame or add a 3 inch mat and place in an 18 x 24 inch frame

Printed on a glossy heavy card stock

Sealed in a protective clear envelope

Additionally protected with a sheet of backing board

Each poster is individually hand signed by the artist

Makes an excellent gift

Protect Then Serve
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