Rock, Paper, Claws 18x24

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18w" x 24h"
Limited Edition(LE) of only 500 prints
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Most people understand the importance of the intergalactic hand signal game called "Rock, Paper, Scissors"! It has certainly proven itself time and time again to be an excellent way to settle disputes between a guy and his buddies. Some examples could be, who gets to sit in the front seat? Who gets the last donut, or slice of pizza? Most importantly, it quickly determines who gets the last beer? That said, the game has served well as an immediate court, judge and jury. Especially when guys would have to decide who had to do something that knowone else wanted to do. The losers task can often be very humiliating, embarrassing and lets not forget about harmful. In a panic, a guy may call for "two out of three", but will often be declined by a ruling of failure to predetermining the rules. Considering how detrimental these quick decissions can be, it only brought me to wonder how sad it would be if knowone could ever win? What if everyone lost, and there were only losers and everyone had to take a trip into the crab pot together!

Printed on Epson, Photo Paper, with Epson Pigmented Inks. This print has a 1/8 inch white border around the outer edge. Each print is hand signed by the artist, dated and numbered.

All 18" x 24" posters are carefully hand rolled in craft paper and shipped in a protective tube.

Rock, Paper, Claws 18x24
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