Star Spangled Peacock 24x36

This piece was inspired by the flamboyant Peacock. As a child, my parents used to take us to our local zoo which had several peacocks running about freely. I remember following the male birds around hoping to see one of them open up his feathers to proudly display his colorful plumage while courting the female (Peahen). A person can easily sense the amount of pride these birds have while putting on their feathery show. Replacing the feather pattern with stars and stripes provided me the opportunity to create a piece to demonstrate that anyone or anything can be patriotic!


High quality Lithograph Print


Acid free, archival paper and inks.


Poster Dimensions are 24 x 36 inches


Delivered in a protective tube rolled in kraft paper

Each poster is individually hand signed by the artist

Star Spangled Peacock 24x36
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